Pharmaceutical Management- Medicaid and Healthy Michigan

McLaren Health Plan works collaboratively with MedImpact, our pharmaceutical manager to utilize the most clinically appropriate, safe and cost-effective medications. A Drug Formulary is the main tool utilized to promote the use of these preferred medications. Currently, MHP has the Medicaid Formulary that is based on the Michigan Medicaid Drug Formulary.

MHP’s Formularies have been developed, organized and administered based on a preferred drug list presented by therapeutic class. All FDA approved generic drugs are included in all formularies unless safety or efficacy information warrants further consideration. MHP’s Quality Improvement Committee reviews the formularies regularly.

In addition to the extensive Positive listing of our formularies, MHP has compiled Quick Reference Guides. The Quick Formulary Reference Guides are lists of commonly used medications that are considered a covered benefit. The Quick Formulary Reference Guides include information regarding MHP’s pharmaceutical management processes such as:

  • Protocols and Step Therapies

  • Request for Prior Authorization (Drug Exception Process)

The Quick Reference Guides, the complete Positive Lists are available by contacting MHP at (888) 327-0671 or clicking on the link below.

MHP welcomes your comments about the current formularies. Please contact Customer Service at (888) 327-0671.

Common Formulary MDHHS Link

McLaren Health Plan Medicaid & Healthy Michigan Drug Formulary 

Labeler Reference for NDC's Included Under the Medicaid Drug Program