Pharmacy Center

Sometimes your doctor feels that you need medication. McLaren Health Plan covers the medications that you need. We have a list of medications that work well for you. The list is called a Drug Formulary. There are many medications on the list.

However, sometimes the medication your doctor thinks is the best treatment for you is not on the Drug Formulary. We even have a way to get those medications for you if your doctor requests.

It is important for you to know that McLaren Health Plan has worked hard to provide a Drug Formulary that will meet your needs. Your primary care doctor knows about the Formulary. To get the best medications fast, ask your doctor to use the McLaren Health Plan Drug Formulary.

Remember, McLaren Health Plan covers medications. If you have a prescription that you are trying to fill and you are told, "it is not covered" by the pharmacy, call your primary care doctor or call Customer Service. Most likely it is a medication not on the Drug Formulary. Most medications that are not on the Drug Formulary have suitable alternatives. We can help you.

McLaren Health Plan Community Small Group and Individual 2021 Drug Formulary Lookup

McLaren Health Plan Community Drug Formulary Small Group and Individual- Effective 1/1/21