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COVID-19 Resources

  • Learn about each phase of the MI Safe Start Plan
  • COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) 2023 Benefit Changes
    • At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes were made to Medicaid eligibility, administration and policies to ease rules for providers and prevent Medicaid beneficiaries from losing coverage. Under federal legislation, The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will restart monthly eligibility renewals for both fee-for-service Medicaid and Medicaid Health Plans starting in June 2023. Certain waived policies that were in place during the PHE are now in the process of unwinding. The unwind process will continue as the authority for these policies expire.

Hepatitis C Resources
Help eliminate hepatitis C as a health threat with these tools and guidance:

Advance Directives

An Advance Directive is a form completed by a patient that directs providers how to deliver care in situations when the patient is unable to communicate or make medical decisions for themselves. Advance Directives explain a patient’s health care choices and end-of-life care preferences, and makes them known. The form also allows the patient to identify someone to act as their health care advocate with decision-making responsibility for their care if necessary.

An Advance Directive can be detailed and include types of care and/or treatments a patient would accept or refuse to continue their life. Some types of Advance Directives may only address certain situations such as organ/tissue donation, or when to resuscitate (if at all). It gives written notice to all health care providers on how to render services according to the patient’s choices. Encourage patients to regularly discuss their treatment choices with you, family members and their health care advocate.

Download CaringInfo’s Michigan Advance Directive Form to share with your McLaren patients.

McLaren Health Plan Patient Advocate and Advance Directive member information.