McLaren Health Plan
Become a Contracted Provider

Become a Contracted Provider

For providers interested in applying for participation with McLaren Health Plan, please contact our Provider Services staff at The credentialing policies are available upon written request.

Practitioner's Rights during Credentialing Process 

  • Applicants may review all information obtained by MHP during the credentialing process, including the source of that information, unless it is prohibited or protected by law.
  • MHP will notify an applicant of any information obtained during the credentialing verification process that does not meet the MHP credentialing verifications standards or that varies substantially from the information provided to MHP by the applicant.
  • Applicants may correct any erroneous information. Practitioners need to submit corrections to the MHP Credentialing Department in writing. Corrected information will be shared with the MHP Quality Improvement committee for consideration. Supplemental information is subject to verifications by MHP.
  • Applicants may be informed of the status of the application upon written request.
  • Applicants will be informed of the credentialing decision within sixty (60) days of the decision date.
  • Copies of all application and credentialing verification policies and procedures are available upon written request.

All information obtained during the credentialing verification process is kept confidential, except as otherwise provided by law.