How Does Marriage Affect Your Health Insurance

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Does Marriage Affect Health Insurance?

Looking over your health insurance plan may not seem like a very romantic activity. But combining health insurance after marriage can lower your monthly premiums and make health insurance more affordable.

Are You Required to Combine Health Insurance When You Get Married?

When you get married, you’re not required to combine health insurance plans with your spouse. If you and your spouse have individual or employer plans you love, you can each keep your own insurance. But getting married gives you an opportunity to evaluate your healthcare costs and coverage to find the plan that works best for you. You have several options to consider:

  • You add your spouse to your plan
  • You join your spouse’s plan
  • You find a new health insurance plan
  • You each stay in your current plan

Is Marriage a Qualifying Event for Health Insurance?

Getting married is a qualifying life event that lets you make changes to your healthcare coverage. When you get married, you’re eligible for a Special Enrollment Period so you can add your spouse to your current healthcare plan or enroll in a new plan.

During your Special Enrollment Period, you’ll have 60 days to pick a new plan. Any changes you make will go into effect on the first day of the next month. To add your spouse to your healthcare plan, contact your employer and submit a request to add a dependent to your health insurance plan.

If you miss your Special Enrollment Period, you’ll each stay in your current healthcare plan for the rest of the year. Your next chance to change your plan is during the yearly open enrollment period.

Can You Add Children to Your Healthcare Plan?

When you get married, you may also want to add children to your healthcare plan. If you and your spouse have children under age 26, you can also add them to your health insurance policy.

What Does it Cost to Add a Spouse to Insurance Coverage?

Before you add your spouse to your health insurance plan, you’ll want to carefully compare your individual plans. When you add a spouse to your insurance plan, your monthly premiums will change. Your yearly deductible and out-of-pocket costs may also change. 

Are you getting married near the end of the year? If you or your spouse have already met your yearly deductible, you might want to stay in your current plans to avoid paying additional deductibles. You can reevaluate your coverage during the next open enrollment period and start the new year in a new plan.

Does Getting Married Impact Medicare or Medicaid Eligibility?

Getting married can impact your eligibility for Medicaid and Medicare. When you marry, your household income may change, as well as the number of dependants in your household. You may be eligible for Medicaid after you marry.

Getting married may also qualify you for Medicare benefits. If your spouse qualifies for Medicare, you may be able to enroll in Medicare as well.

Evaluate Your Health Insurance

Getting married is a big life change. Enjoy your honeymoon, then take some time to consider your health insurance options and find the best plan for you and your spouse.

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