Case Management

MHP members: Did you know you have a nurse on staff at MHP? For more information, you can call 888-327-0671

McLaren Health Plan wants to help you to get the care and services you need to improve your health and well-being.

Case Management is available to all members. It is especially helpful for members who have many difficult health problems and need help getting the care and services they need.

Case Management is for you if you:

  • Have a serious long-term medical problem
  • Have a serious new problem
  • Need many medicines
  • Are in the hospital or urgent care many times
  • Need medical equipment or supplies
  • Have had trouble getting the care or services you need
  • Need an organ transplant
  • Have serious injuries

This program includes frequent contacts from your McLaren Health Plan Nurse. The Nurse works closely with you to set short-and long-term goals. You will also be given a Care Plan to help you meet these goals.

Your doctors will be involved with this program. Your McLaren Health Plan Nurse will work with you and your doctor to coordinate your care. Even if you need to see many doctors, your Primary Care doctor will continue to manage your care. This program encourages and supports a positive relationship with your doctor.

Your McLaren Health Plan Nurse may ask you if you would like to be included in the Case Management program. Your doctor may also suggest that you participate. Or, you may ask to be considered for this program by calling 888-327-0671 and asking to speak with your McLaren Health Plan Nurse.