Notification of Privacy Protections

McLaren has policies that cover who can see and use private data about you. This includes your race or ethnicity and what language you speak.

1. This is how McLaren protects your data:

We keep paper documents in locked file cabinets.

We keep electronic data on physically secure media.

We keep electronic data in files with passwords.

Only McLaren staff who need to know this information will have it.

2. This is how McLaren uses your data:

To help with health care disparities.

To create programs to improve your health.

To create outreach materials.

To tell your provider about your language, cultural or other needs that have to do with your care.             

To tell your provider to help improve health outcomes.

3. McLaren will not use your data:

For underwriting, setting rates or benefit decisions 

To give to those who shouldn’t have it.