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Pregnancy Health Information

If you think you might be pregnant, call your primary care doctor right away. Once your doctor is sure you are pregnant, you will have a private talk about your health. Your primary care doctor can help you find a specialist.

Call Customer Services and ask for your nurse at (888) 327-0671. McLaren Health Plan has a program called McLaren Moms. We want to talk with you!

McLaren Moms has special nurses who will send you information on what to expect now that you are pregnant. You will receive all kinds of information on healthy habits. Your special nurse can help you with any questions or problems that you are having.

McLaren Moms also covers Breast Pumps! We care about the health of you and your baby and want to give you the best possible care. Talk to your doctor about a Fully Covered Breast Pump Prescription today!

We want to talk with each and every member who is pregnant.

Please call us at (888) 327-0671.

You may be eligible for FREE services through WIC.  WIC is a program that serves low and middle income pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women, infants, and children up to age 5 who have a nutrition-related health problem.  To find out where WIC is available in your County, click here for a contact list. For more detailed information about the WIC program, click here to connect to the MDHHS website.

And most importantly: PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE!!!!

Smoking greatly increases the risk of other health problems. Secondhand smoke is also harmful. Quitting is hard. Each time you try to quit, the better chance you have of succeeding! If you smoke, ask your doctor about ways to quit. Call our toll free stop smoking hotline at (800) 784-8669.

For Medicaid members:

There is a program called "Maternal Infant Health Program." This is a program for women who may need extra help when they are pregnant. These are special people trained to help you understand what is happening to you and they can help you get supplies that you may need.

After your baby is born, you must call your caseworker to sign up your newborn in the Medicaid program. After the baby is registered in McLaren Health Plan, you will get a new McLaren Health Plan ID card for your baby.