Introducing McLaren DirectCare with Roundstone

Many companies, like your clients, feel trapped by the rising cost of their health insurance. They may think their options are limited. Small to mid-size businesses can take advantage of a unique solution that controls costs and returns the savings back to the business – all while providing the quality health plans their employees deserve.

We think companies deserve a better alternative.

With McLaren DirectCare with Roundstone from McLaren Health Plan, employers will band together with mid-market employers to collectively self-insure with the efficiency of a large organization. And through McLaren DirectCare, they will get the best possible prices from McLaren Health Care, featuring a fully integrated health network of 14 hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers and a 490-member employed primary and specialty care physician network, as well as access to more than 68,000 providers and 141 hospitals across the state. And, they have the possibility of receiving a distribution of savings at the end of the year. 

Why Choose McLaren DirectCare with Roundstone?

McLaren Health Plan is proud to partner with Roundstone Management, Ltd. (Roundstone), an insurance organization with a proven strategy to help business owners access affordable health insurance for their employees. This self-funded strategy is unique and focuses on small to mid-size businesses (20-1,000 employees). It allows owners to pay only for the health care they use while keeping the savings.

Roundstone’s success speaks for itself. In August, it reported more than $10,000,000 in cash distributions to business owners across the nation. This figure, added to previous distributions over the past underwriting year, amounts to more than $20,000,000 of recent surplus distributions.

In tandem with McLaren Health Plan, the Roundstone self-funded captive health insurance strategy allows employers to proactively manage health care costs and retain the money they do not spend.

“Partnering with Roundstone expands our product portfolio and gives our agents and employers a new self-funded option that may be able to reduce their health care costs during a time when they need it most,” said Louann Hinton, director of sales at McLaren Health Plan. “We are thrilled to work with the team at Roundstone and bring this unique variable funding solution to Michigan businesses.”