McLaren Health Plan continually strives to improve our services to our provider network. FACTSWeb is our eligibility and claims status system for the McLaren Health Plan Commercial, McLaren Health Advantage and McLaren Advantage (HMO) lines of business.

In order to receive a new sign-on and password and continue to utilize FACTSWeb, please review and complete the following steps:

  • You are required to complete a FACTSWEB Request Form, indicating the designated user for your office
  • One form must be completed for each individual requesting access
  • You must indicate on the form which type of access is being requested: eligibility or claims status and eligibility
  • Multiple individuals per office can request eligibility access
  • Only 1 person per Tax ID will have the ability to request access for both claims status and eligibility

Once we receive and process the request form(s), each designated user will receive one sign-on and password by e-mail. The sign-on and password, which has been assigned to each designated user, cannot be shared.

Please remember, your assigned sign-on and password are to be kept confidential, and the designated user in your office must abide by all HIPAA security rules and provisions, when accessing information on FACTSWeb. If there is an issue with the security and integrity of the password, please contact us immediately and your password will be reset. Please call us at (888) 327-0671 if you have any questions. Thank you for being a valuable member of the McLaren Health Plan network.

If you have already received your new FACTSWeb Sign-On, please click here.

If you have not received your new FACTSWeb Sign-On, please follow the instructions to fill out our FACTSWeb Request Form.