How to Get Medical Care

Your Primary Care Doctor

When you join McLaren Health Plan, you pick a doctor from our list of doctors. This will be your primary care doctor. For our Medicaid/Healthy Michigan Plan members, the name of your primary care doctor will be on your ID card. Your primary care doctor will see you in the office. It is a good idea to meet with your doctor before you get sick so you can talk about your medical past. This way, when you do get sick, your primary care doctor will already know a lot about you.

Making An Appointment

To save time, call your primary care doctor’s office to make an appointment or to see if you can just walk in. Call as far ahead of time as you can. Tell them you are a McLaren Health Plan member. Tell them why you need to come in, and have a paper and pencil ready so you can write down the time and date. BE ON TIME for the visit.

If you need to change the appointment, call as soon as you know you need to make a change. If you are a Medicaid/Healthy Michigan Plan member and you need help with getting to medical appointments, call Customer Service. If you need to cancel a visit, try to call the doctor at least one day before you were supposed to be there.

How To See A Specialist

If your primary care doctor wants you to see another doctor (a specialist) your primary care doctor will fill out a form called a "referral". Your primary care doctor is the only one who can ask for a referral. Make sure you have a referral before you make your appointment with a specialist.

Changing Your Primary Care Doctor

Your doctor is a very big part of your good health. We hope that you will pick yours carefully and be happy with your choice. If you are unhappy with your primary care doctor, please talk to them. Let them know your concern. Your doctor can only fix a problem when he or she knows about it.

If you feel it will be better to change to a different primary care doctor you will need to:

  • Pick another doctor from McLaren Health Plan’s list of doctors.
  • Call Customer Service to let them know the doctor you want to change to.
  • If you need help in finding a new doctor, Customer Service can help you.

Having a Specialist as a Primary Care Doctor

People with a chronic disease often need to see a specialist to obtain care. In limited cases, it may be better for the specialist to be your primary care doctor. You should call Customer Service if you think you need a specialist as your primary care doctor.