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McLaren understands that health information can be confusing. Not only do we want you to understand your health care options, we also want you to understand how to care for your health.

Please feel free to read some of these brief articles about how to take care of your health. And check back for new articles. If you would like us to feature a specific topic, please Contact Us.

Music as medicine
Did you know music has been used in medicine for years?  And research shows that music can benefit your health. Studies show that listening to music you like can reduce stress, blood pressure and depression. It can also help you sleep better and reduce the amount of medicine you might need when in pain. So turn on your favorite tunes! Or visit your local library and borrow some new music to find some that helps you feel good.

How to prevent colds and flu
Your mother's advice is still the best for preventing colds and flu. Wash your hands! To make sure you kill all the germs:  Get a paper towel and hold it under your arm. Wet your hands with warm water and apply soap. Rub your hands and your fingers for as long as it takes to sing the alphabet. Rinse your hands and use the paper towel under your arm to shut off the water.  Use another paper towel to dry your hands. 

Make your home healthy
Keeping your home healthy is one of the best things you can do for your health. You can make your home healthier without a lot of time or money.  Add a house plant.  Some plants remove smoke, chemicals and germs from the air.  Add color.  Colors can help change the way you feel.  Open your windows when the weather is nice.  The fresh air will prevent moisture buildup and remove stale air.  Clean your heating vents and registers with a vacuum hose and wet wipe.  And keep your rooms and stairs clear of clutter so people don't trip and fall. 

Listed below are some links to health-related websites that might be of interest to you. Some of these websites contain information about preventive care guidelines. McLaren recommends that you learn about health prevention. It will keep you and your family on track with health screenings and exams for your needs.

Just click on the organization you would like more information about.

Clinical and Preventive Guidelines

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